In using five sides of a cube as the basic statement of the picture plane, Libby synthesizes painting and sculpture, though the design elements are characteristically attached to the wall.  The confounding of two and three dimensional space is meant to present a visual puzzle to the viewer at a subtle level.  In addition, Libby intends for the depth and space of the objects to engage the viewer in the work.  As the viewer moves past the work the image/illusion changes.  Therefore, movement is a key characteristic of the multilevel installations.  Another aspect of each piece is the owner's choice of involvement in the work.  To help facilitate this involvement, each object is individually mounted with hidden hardware to enable the owner to arrange the pieces to suit an aesthetic/space.


It is the dynamic of change and movement which Libby find so seductive in creating wall sculptures.  In using small standard shapes e.g. squares, triangles, diamonds, rectangles, circles, Libby sets up visual stimulation that amazes/bewilders/organizes perception.  The small drawn elements are evocative of repetitive constructs found in some fiber art.  Some wall sculptures play with visual tricks reminiscent of Op Art, and still other wall sculptures play with colors.  Lusters, which radiate iridescent luminescence, help create the mystery of material used in constructing the objects leading the viewer to wonder "Are the objects paper, wood, metal, etc?"  However, the objects are ceramic.  Clay is an ancient material which is soft then hard capturing its organic nature through the handmade process.  The objects, separate and apart from each other, have subtle elements of difference from one another.  The choice of clay celebrates the use of non-industrial material in our electronic age, an age which promotes change and movement at an accelerated pace.


Libby has constructed these sculptures from clay formed into individually mounted objects, fired with a variety of surface treatments.  Each piece is unique, although a concept may be carried through a series of pieces.  Each sculpture is shipped with mounting hardware and a mounting template.  Although mounting is very straightforward, Libby Ware Studios is always available to do the mounting for you.  The studio strongly advises clients to utilize their installation services for outdoor installations or in public areas as both require special mounting methods.