"Cascade" Libby designed 14' high laser cut aluminum panels for a building at the "One Daytona" complex of the Daytona Speedway.  The panels are offset from the building wall which is painted in colors which, illuminated with LED lighting, shine at night through circles cut in the panels. Laser cutting was done by Sundance of Orlando, FL.

"Celebration of Community"  Water flows from the top over all four sides, cascading over Libby's ceramic art work.  The blue ceramic pieces display the signatures of local officials and patrons of "One Daytona Detination" developed by and located at the site of the Daytona Speedway.  The fountain is a collaboration of Libby Ware with Freeport Fountains of Sanford, FL.

"Dharma" wall sculpture at the North East Medical Services in San Jose, CA,  spans two walls of the reception area. It consist of 156 ceramic objects totaling 52 feet in length with depths varying from 2" to 4". Nine different background glazes range in color from orange to a deep red with the wall color reflected in the surface design of each object.